Wooden Bird Feeder Stand and Feeder Tube

Bird feeder stand from wood
The feeder sits 6 feet from the window and about 6 feet off the ground. I added a metal baffle just under the feeder to keep the squirrels out. 

For the stand:

1. An open tray bird feeder - like the one in the picture. 
2. One  4”x 4”  length of spruce or cedar for the center pole - cut to the preferred height. 
3. Four  pieces of  2”x 4” cedar or spruce –  each about 2.5 feet  long. These make the base 'legs'.  
4.  3 inch deck screws  -  12-16 of them, or more. The base needs to be stable.  

Blue jay gets the nut

With the 4x4 post down on the floor, attach the first base leg. I drilled guide holes, and then screwed the leg on. The broad side (4”) of the 2X4 sits snug against the bottom side of the post. The narrow side of the 2x4 will rest on the ground once the stand is upright. I had help holding the post straight up while I screwed on 2 more base legs. 

Move the stand outdoors to attach the 4th leg. I had to work a bit to square everything up. The base must be wide enough to keep everything stable. The higher the feeder, the broader the base needs to be. I tapered each outside end of the 4 base 'leg' pieces to reduce the risk of tripping. (Attach a squirrel baffle now, if required).

For the platform collar:

1.  2 pieces of 2x4 (spruce or cedar) each 3.5 inches in length.
2.  2 pieces of 2x4, each 6.5 inches in length.
3.  3 inch deck screws - 4-8 of them 
4. - a few smaller screws to attach the feeder first the collar and then to attache the collar to the pole stand.

Screw the two long pieces to the short pieces to form a square. Attach the collar to the bird feeder by using two small screws from inside the base of the feeder into the 2x4 collar. 

Attach the feeder with collar to the stand

Place the pole where you want it. The collar and attached feeder slip over the top of the stand, onto the 4x4 post. Put in a screw from the platform into the stand, to hold the feeder in place, if needed.

The baffle keeps the squirrels out.

How to get the birdseed into the feeder?

Wine Tube Bird Feeder

Take a cardboard wine tube. Poke a hole in the side of the tube near the base. Punch another one directly opposite the one you just made. Run a long bamboo stick through the two holes. Use duct tape to hold the stick securely in place. Put birdseed into the tube. Hold the stick tightly with both hands. Raise it up to the feeder and tip the seed in. Hint: once the seed is in the tube, put the lid back on until you get to the feeder, just in case it topples. 

Bird feeder scoop for high bird feeders.

Tip the wine tube bird feeder full of seed into the tray. 
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