Monday, January 23, 2017

Shade backyard gardens in Edmonton

Garden ideas. Is it not glorious in Edmonton in July? 

Here's a few pictures from a July garden tour. Gorgeous, peaceful shady backyard gardens in Edmonton. Thanks to the gardeners. Wow! 

Hostas and wheel rim garden art.

Hostas do well in shade in Edmonton. There are so many hardy varieties, too. After winter, they are not early risers, you have to wait for them, but once full, hostas are beautiful. Every few years they can be lifted in late summer, and divided with  a swift thrust from a sharp shovel, and replanted.

A favourite shade flower of mine are impatients. They are super sensitive to frost, so they go outdoors late and die early, but they are so softly colourful - a treat for the eye in the shady garden. I grow them from seed, (start in late February - under lights). They are easily propagated from cuttings placed in water. Once the roots have grown, get them into a potting mix. Impatients require a steady supply of water - they like moist soil.

Concrete tiered fountain and cedars - relax.

Colourful begonias

Concrete bench and urns -stop and enjoy.

White wrought iron  and wooden table.

Flowered pots on big posts

Cedars in big pots

Check out my short video on how to grow great garlic in a northern climate.

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