Hidden Reservoir for Pots in the Garden

Underneath this pot of impatiens is a plastic container filled with water.

Conserve water and keep your flowers well watered. Place a recycled plastic container to catch water under a pot of flowers with 'wicks' that go from the potting mix through the drainage holes into the underground container of water 

Water will drain from the pot into the water reservoir.
Water 'wicks' up into the pot.
Dig a hole big enough for your plastic container to fit under where the pot of flowers will sit - level with the ground. When you pot up your flowers dangle a few 'wicks' (cotton mop strings) out of the drainage holes. The wicks should be placed a few inches into the potting mix from the bottom into your planter. Fill the plastic container with water and place the pot of flowers over it with the wicks dipping down into the cup all the way to the bottom. The pot of flowers should fit snugly over the watering cup so it is hidden out of sight.
wicks are cotton mop strings

I first put this post up in 2010, and since then, I have used this method over and over again. I find it works well for impatiens and petunias. 
Water reservoir is hidden and mosquitoes can't get in. Kind of pretty, don't you think?

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