Friday, September 28, 2012

Old Logs and Tree Stumps in the Garden

Hens and chicks in a tree stump log. Many types of suculents thrive in Edmonton, Alberta.
When gardening conditions are not great.....

Old tree stumps are interesting and pleasant in a ramshackle flower garden.  My front garden is north of the house and the soil is robbed and challenged by birch and spruce tree roots. The soil is dry and hard with clay, and because the house shades it from the south, the earth is cold and stays frozen much longer in spring. Edmonton residents have a vibrant gardening spirit, maybe because we face such horticultural challenges as those found in my front yard garden. 

Make it YOUR garden.....

Over the years I have taken to trying to find plants that thrive in the exact conditions they have. This is trial and error, but it helps to observe what neighbours have been able to grow under similar conditions. I don't have a beautiful front garden, but I like it, mostly because it has evolved and it is decorated with old tree trunks, broken clay pots, and hypertufa planters that I made many years ago. These old garden adornments hold fond memory for me. 

Succulents planted in broken clay pot
Make the most of what you have......
When the ground is inhospitable, put out a few potted plants, above or buried into the ground, for bursts of colour and interest. Chose hardy plants and use tricks to conserve water. This year, I planted succulents, sedums and marigolds.  The succulents went into an old broken clay pot, dug into the ground so only the rim shows. This old clay pot didn't survive the Alberta winters - it cracked and fell apart - so for the past few years, the rim remnants have been burried in the ground to become a mini garden within the garden.

Marigold flowers in an old tree stump. I love the character of these old logs. If I move them now they will fall apart.
One marigold was plopped into the decaying centre hole of an old tree stump log and a 'hens and chicks' went into another. These are little surprises in the garden that only I notice....and that is part of the pleasure.... 

Succulents in 3 hypertufa containers in my Edmonton flower garden. Hypertufa is extremely strong, durable and light. I made these containers 10 years ago. Sedums are perfect in hypertufa because they are shallow rooted, hardy and grow in poor soil.

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