Sunday, September 10, 2017

Cucamelons - crunchy munchies.

 Cucamelons, cute and crunchy on delicate vines.

We started cucamelons  from seed indoors in April - a few weeks before the last frost. When the weather warmed, we planted 3 seedlings outside in the garden around bamboo supports and a tomato cage stuck in the ground. The delicate vines, in our northern climate, were easy to grow but this year, not prolific...just enough melons to snack on, and make one jar of refrigerator pickles. In the backyard greenhouse, the vines produced more. They prefer steady heat, regular watering and sun.

These tiny crunchy melons are a fresh, mild treat from the late summer garden. Cute, but with a crisp and somewhat tough rind, sweet and bright but with a normal, underwhelming taste, they are fun to grow and eat. The plants require little care - and just seem to grow on their own - and then voila - the cucamelons appear in mid August.

They come in handy for 'straight from the garden' munching in August and September. Anytime of the day, head on out to the backyard garden. Eat a few cherry tomatoes - top them off with a cucumelon, fresh from the vine.

Refrigerator cucamelon pickles. Water, vinegar, pickling salt, spices, garlic and chopped hot pepper.

Cucamelon on the vine.
Chop up these little beauties in any fresh dish where you want a little substantial crunch. Greek salad, tabouleh, fresh salsa, cherry tomato and fresh pepper salad.

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