Sunday, April 8, 2012

Thyme to plant

Herb Thyme,  delicious with flavors of orange.....

Thyme is an aromatic herb often used in French cooking. It's easy to grow from seed.  

In February, lightly press the tiny seeds in little pots of loose, light, moist soil. For high germination, put the pots in a warm spot. Spritz the soil with tepid water gently and regularly. Once the sprouts appear, thin carefully by cutting or gently plucking. Put the seedlings in a sunny spot. I run a rotating fan across them for 10 minutes a day for aeration and to toughen them up.

After about 8 weeks, when there is no danger of frost, the thyme plants are ready to go outside.  Thyme grows in poor soil and likes a sunny or partly shaded spot. It usually comes back each spring in my Edmonton garden.

And now for something completely different, a link to good children's books.


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