Dill. Grow it from Seed.

Dill - grows well in Alberta

Dill grows wild in the garden
One packet of dill seeds may be all you will ever need. Seeds can be saved year to year but if you leave a dill flower head in the garden, next year dill will pop up. It is called dill weed, after all. 

Grow dill from seed planted directly in the garden. Don't bother starting it early indoors. Grow dill in full sun and harvest when young.

Dill flowers are bright, bold and beautiful in the garden - a visual treat. Will dill take over your garden? No - it is easy to pull up. 

Dill is bright and beautiful in the garden.
Throw a few dill sprigs into a leafy salad. Dill is tasty in a Greek or potato salad. Add fresh dill to sour cream to put on top of grilled or broiled salmon. A yogurt dill sauce goes well with a chicken stew. Try a dill dip with your garden carrots.

And in wintertime....

Dill lovers rejoice! Grow dill microgreens all winter for the freshest, healthiest taste of dill. Save the seeds in autumn, and then plant in shallow containers. Dill seeds take a few days to sprout. Here's a video I made on how to grow dill microgreens at home.